Podotec - Self Molding Custom Made Orthotics and Insoles


Self-Molding Custom-Made

Insoles and Orthotics

The self-molding insoles Podotec are made in shape-memory material, and while using they are able to adapt to the shape of your feet.

This extraordinary ability is obtained thanks to innovative materials which are able to “memorize” the shape of your feet. Once placed inside the shoe, the insole will be modeled over the time and it will permanently assume the shape of your feet.

The insoles are designed to reduce pain and increase the stability. Differently from normal insoles, they are “super-anatomical”. In fact they can respect the unique characteristics of your feet and enable a better distribution of the body weight on the entire foot surface.

Thanks to contact with a larger surface, the insole pressure is distributed over a larger area thereby reducing the work done by the individual areas of the foot. Consequently this reduces the stresses of the foot anatomic structures.

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